Master Trainer

I am a London based Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Master Trainer, movement teacher and dance artist. I’ve had an extensive career in movement and dance, performing internationally both in dance companies and as a freelance artist. Over the years I’ve been involved at all levels: as a dancer, helping devise work collaboratively, assisting choreographers, and as a choreographer myself. Even before dancing, I moved: as a gymnast, martial artist, diver.

I’ve always been passionately curious about the body in motion, and bring this enquiry, my evolving personal practice, and a desire to delve deeper to my teaching. My approach is experiential, considering the anatomy of breath, and is strongly influenced by studies in the anatomy of movement, and an understanding of the fascial body.

I am certified on all the Gyrotonic specialised equipment, as well as in it’s therapeutic applications with relation to osteopathy, the psoas, the shoulder girdle, scoliosis, the pelvic girdle, and pre and post hip replacement.

As well as the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods, my regular movement practices include Contact Improvisation (which I teach), sport climbing and yoga.

Tisha Harrington
Mara Vivas