Structural Integration Bodywork

Structural Integration (SI) is much more than just a massage, it is a therapeutic technique, pioneered by biochemist Dr Ida Rolf, which transforms the body’s structure and posture by manipulating its web of connective tissue, releasing stress patterns and restoring natural alignment, balance and coordination, enhancing flexibility and strength.

The 10 series of Structural Integration is a systematic programme of 10 sessions focusing on releasing the fascia throughout the body from head to toe. Each session builds upon the last, unfolding layers of connective tissue as the series progresses. It rebalances the body’s segments, addressing a different aspect of the body’s structure and movement during each session.

Each session includes light to deep myofascial massage, which alongside active client participation, unwinds restricted connective tissue. During the session you may be asked to participate by focusing on your breathing or moving a part of your body as pressure is applied. You could be asked to sit, lie down or stand. This technique frees up the route to stronger and more connected core body movement. A series of exercises are used to support you in meeting your goals, whether learning appropriate muscle recruitment or focusing on the postural alignment needs of everyday function. Over time, bodily shifts are sustained through awareness and practice.

For more information on research into fascia visit the International Association of Structural Integrators at and